Don’t bad-mouth someone who once helped you – Rev Obofour’s new message


The head pastor of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Rev Obofour has broken his long silence after honorable Kennedy Agyapong fired back at him.

In a new twist, the Kumasi-based Pastor has rather delivered an advisory message to all persons who seemed never to be ungrateful towards someone who once helped them.

In a recorded video sighted by, Rev Obofour said for one to see the glory of God in life, they should not turn around and bad-mouthed a good Samaritan they once thanked.

” In this life, you don’t wrong the person you once thanked because he or she helped you before. Don’t ever around and offend someone who has done you good. If you want your life to see the glory of God, you must not attack or insult a good samaritan you thanked before.”

He reminded them of karma being real and would be knocking at their doorposts very soon.