Disregard ‘miraculous hair in the Bible’ for curing coronavirus – Apostle Enoch Boateng Jnr


It has appeared that a Christian in Ghana has have discovered a miraculous cure and vaccine for Covid-19 and the news is spreading on Social and traditional media like wild fire.

The miraculous vaccine and cure came from a man from the Central Region of Ghana, whose 3 year old girl had a divine revelation in a form of dream about the remedy for the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 3 year old Girl stated that God revealed to her to inform people to turn to their Bibles and they will find a human hair in any of the pages in the Bible but this mist be done carefully by opening the Bible page by page systematically.

Ghanaians are to place the specific hair in water, and utilize the Bible verse from where the hair was found as prayer point. After that, they should drink the water and anyone who shares and drinks the water will be relieved and immuned to the Coronavirus.

However, Apostle Enoch Boateng Jnr, the head pastor for Victory Embassy Chapel International, Accra has unequivocally debunked and disregarded this revelation.

According to him, it is normal to locate a human hair in any Bible or Book a person frequently reads. This is due to the fact that humans shed a certain amount of hair every day, anytime and anywhere since we bow our heads when reading the Bible or any book which may cause a hair to drop into the Bible involuntarily.

With this, he genuinely asked Ghanaians to disregard this revelation and comply with the preventive measure set up to slow the spread of the virus in order to help save precious lives until a potential vaccine or cure is found.

“I don’t undermine the fact that, the cure can come from God through any man, but if anyone comes out to play around us with unnecessary prophecies and directives for the cure of this virus, we won’t sit down as Christians for our image to be tarnished. God is a God of order and discipline.” He added.