Dating Broke Men Is “Bad Luck” – Princess Shyngle Declares

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Princess Shyngle has warned her fellow women to quit dating broke men who do not add any value to their lives.

In an Instagram live session monitored by, the outspoken actress insisted that dating broke-ass men bring a lot of bad lucks to the women.

She also wondered why a lady would keep sleeping with a man who does not give her money nor shower her with beautiful gifts as expected in every relationship.

Princess Shyngle, however, added that if a man is so broke to give his woman money, then he should at least give her good ideas for her to make money on her own.

She boldly said;

“Sleeping with a man who is not your husband is already a sin, why would you commit a sin with an empty bank account”

”It is bad luck to keep dating a man who can’t give you cash. If he can’t give you money, then, he should at least give you an idea to fetch money yourself.”