COVID-19: Lockdown extended by one more week


President Akufo-Addo has extended the restrictions imposed on Accra, Kumasi, Team and Kasoa for the next one week.

In his address to the nation this night, he has announced that the government will absorb electricity for the poor and half of the consumption for businesses for the next three months.

“As at Wednesday, 8th April, a total of fourteen thousand, six hundred and eleven (14, 611) contacts of the samples collected have been tested for the virus in Accra and Kumasi. For Accra, eleven thousand, three hundred and eight (11,308) contacts were tested, and fifty-two (52), i.e 0.4% of them were found to be positive. In Kumasi, three thousand and three hundred and three (3,303) contacts have been tested, and twenty-five (25), i.e. 0.76% have been fund to be positive. In total, seventy-seven (77) positive cases were recorded in Accra and Kumasi, representing 0.53% of the fourteen thousand, six hundred and eleven (14,611) tested”, the President noted.

He added, “Whilst the results are encouraging, in suggesting a limited number of positives and community spread, we expect to be able to test some ten thousand (10,000) additional samples in the coming week to give us a clearer picture to enable us to take a decision on the way forward”.

Ghana’s confirmed cases of the coronavirus now stand at 378 with six deaths.