Thursday, April 22, 2021

Coronavirus Pandemic is a money making season – Eddie Kay

Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic has really helped and changed lives Even though the pandemic is expected to have a significant adverse impact on the global economy.

And how Governments around the world are implementing various fiscal measures to mitigate the adverse effect and provide relief for businesses and households.

Be A Man

But the truth is, some individuals, companies, and other corporate institutions who are smart in taking advantage of the negative have really made a lot in some of their inventions and creativeness in other to serve their community with accessories to fight and overcome the virus.

Apart from producing most of the accessories like face shields, nose masks, PPEs, and other stuff to fight the virus, some individuals have also invented different shapes and styles of the face and nose masks which are not common just to meet the demands.

We all know how most of the things we use in this country and other parts of Africa were being produced in large quantities in China, but today we have come to realize that we can produce most of them here by ourselves and it’s really working.

I have been a beneficiary of this Pandemic so as other people who are smart in creating avenues to make an impact on society.

Tv and home appliances sales were on the rise during the Lockdown how did it benefit you?

Satellite television sales and installation wasn’t left behind. Face mask production and sales have been one lucrative business that most unemployed people are taking advantage of. I have seen individuals investing in delivery companies since people cannot go out these days.

You were not left out of Government subsidies on our tariffs during the Lockdown and some of the donations shared in our communities right??

What are you doing this season?? And how are you taking advantage of this current situation apart from taking precautionary measures seriously?

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