Friday, May 7, 2021

Children learn on bare floors because of poor governance – Efia Odo scorns

Popular social media vixen, Efia Odo has joined in the #fixthecountry# movement against the incompetent government .

According to Efia Odo, the poor administration of the government is the reason why children who are supposed to be the future learn on bare floors and rocks.

Be A Man

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Though most of our Ghanaian celebrities are mute about the crisis becoming unbearable in the country, the social media vixen has taken it upon herself to make a wake up call to all the youth so they could fight against the incompetency of the current government.

The controversial lady has also revealed how children drink water that contain the waste of animals and share their drinking water with animals that are likely to pollute the water easily due to the wrong way the current government administer the country.

See her post below;

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