Bring us military men – Ayalolo voters to EC

Voters within the Ayalolo primary polling station in the Odododiodio constituency are calling for military intervention to help manage queues at the center.

According to an eye witness report, voters arrived at the center very early but movement hasn’t been encouraging.

‘’We are pleading with you people, we are not fighting or anything of that sort but It would have been proper for at least two soldiers to be added to the only police man here, if the military personnel were to be holding a gun or cane nobody will try crossing the queue.” He said.

‘’The queue has been stagnant since 6am this morning till now nothing has been done to tackle the issue.”

He called on the EC to do everything possible to assist in bringing order back to the place by sending military personnel.

‘’The policeman here is unable to do anything he said’’.

’If they have no respect for the police then please bring us military personnel he added’’.

Source: www. 3news.com

Kerzia Anani
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