BREAKING: Ghanaian Man Sets World Record; Finishes A Basin Of Waakye (Video)

A man believed to a Ghanaian has set a world record for himself as he finished a basin of waakye in an eating competition.

In a viral video on social media, the man with ‘pot-belly’ was seen consuming a basin full of waakye in a contest.

The Ghanaian man could be seen struggling to finish up a basin filled with waakye during the eating competition as those gathered around cheered him on.

The man’s stomach looked bloated as he tried to finish the basin of Waakye with his hands which looked ‘suicidal’.

Whether or not if there was a prize set for the eating competition or it was just for amusement, we can’t also confirm if he finished the entire meal, but from the look of things, he tried his best.