Be real and practice what you preach – Industry players reply Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene has been told to practice what he preaches after he made a video on social media and asked his colleague musicians to show love to each other.

According to him, there is no love in Ghana’s music sphere because artists fail to share and recognize each other when they release projects.

The 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year explained that even those who share the post of their colleagues they only put them on their Stories Timeline – where it would expire in just 24 hours with less engagement.

We are peaceful. No one wants to hurt anyone but there is no love… because the same person in the industry will do the song with you but they hate to post the cover. They don’t want to share your song to their followers to know the update.

But even with those who would post they will just put it on their stories so it can expire in 24 hours, he said.

Reacting to this, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr Logic, asked the ‘Open Gate’ singer to practice what he is preaching to set a good example.

Additionally, Mr Logic said Kuami Eugene allegedly charges outrageous prices when colleague musicians approach him for song features.

“He himself must practice what he preaches. It’s a put off when he charges more than required. Look at the industry we’re in… I am not stopping him from charging high but look at the industry we’re in. Some international acts might even charge less based on relationships,” he said.

Similarly, another panelist on the show, Ernest Adu Kumi, urged musicians who were infuriated at Kuami Eugene’s assertion to rather focus on his message and not the messenger.

We have to probably focus on the message and not the messenger otherwise we would lose it. He is being criticized for what he is saying but let’s not think about the messenger otherwise, we might not take it seriously, he said.

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