Be humble, because you may not know who you meet on your way up – Samini advises

Reggae dancehall artiste, Samini has given a word of advise to the youth to project a trait of humbleness.

The dancehall artiste took to his Instagram handle to tell a story about how he got favored because of his humble ways.

Samini said he was invited to a private party to meet a Don and on the fourth floor, met a random guy who told him he was on the wrong floor and directed him to move up to the next floor.

The ‘ Linda’ hitmaker as humble as he was said he thanked the guy and went up to the next floor only to meet him as the Don who invited him to the party.

The reggae dancehall artiste said he found favor in the sight of the Don because of his humble trait and urges everyone to do same.

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Source: GHFace.com

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