Album Review: Songs On Shatta Wale’s Reign Album are Senseless – Dr Blay

Finally, Ghanaians now have some piece of mind as the most-hyped music album, The Reign was successfully launched in grand style.

The REIGN actually gave many Ghanaians some sleepless night because of the huge publicity that went into it by the entire Shatta Movement leaving no stone unturned.

Well, Saturday 13, 2018 will ever go down in history as one of the biggest music album launches in Ghana but what happens next after the event.

Shatta Wale is undoubtedly one of the biggest musicians putting Ghana out on the world music map.

However, after purchasing the REIGN and listening to all the seventeen (17) tracks on the album, I can say without any iota of fear that 95% Of the Songs ON Reign AlbumDon’t Make Any Sense.

I repeat; “95% Of the Songs ON Reign Album Don’t Make Any Sense.”

Why do I say this?

Let me quickly highlight points here;

To begin with, all the 17 tracks on the REIGN album do not have any content. Any rational music expert would agree with me that the songs on the REIGN album have no content. One can’t trace single song on the album that has content. Reign album lacks content.

Secondly, Very Poor Production. Any good music producer and sound engineer would also agree that the production is very poor. I am forced to believe that Shatta Wale produced all the songs instead of giving it out the expert to do the production.

Thirdly, there is eventually no Ghanaian element in the songs. Like seriously, Shatta Wale didn’t follow any storyline to any of the songs on the REIGN album. Talking about ‘Storyline’ I seek to mean that there are no Ghanaian elements like; Culture, tradition, and beliefs in the songs. I mean how can 17 songs sell the Ghanaian culture and tradition to the world?

Regardless, I will still congratulate Shatta Wale for the event itself because of the ambiance and stagecraft. But the Album itself is a big NO.

I am Dr. Blay,


Source: Dr. Blay