6 ‘Famous’ Female Celebrities That Can Never Become Role Models

Ghana as a country can boast of high number of celebrities each passing day that aimsto be role models for the youngers one.

Yes! some celebrities could be considered role models whiles others should not at any point in time.

Role Model simply means a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

In brief, nobody should be considered a role model simply because they are a celebrity, but instead, celebrities should be judged based on what they are famous for, as well as how they present themselves to the public.
In Ghana, some celebrities can become good role models for their positive influence on any kids, youth and young adults, others it’s a no no.

For purpose of this survey on ‘Celebrities that can never become role models, Ghface.com brings to it’s cherished readers names and why of such celebrities.

1. Afia Schwarzenegger: Born Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa is a Comedienne and TV host but well-known for her controversial character both in her profession and outside. Afia has carved negative name for herself which makes it difficult to become a role model.

She is always out there picking unnecessary fights with anyone irrespective of their status. Afia is noted also for releasing semi-n!de photos captions like; ” I am single… ready to date your father! Nice breast, nice a$$, not for broke guys… Massa get a job and take off your eyes off my money.”

Recently she was caught red-handed in bed with another man by her husband which brought the marriage to an end, making her a two (2) time divorcee.


2. Moesha Boduong: This young lady prides herself as an actress and photo model but to rise to the position of being role model is a no no. She is on record to have confessed of dating and having affair with married men.

Not too long, Moesha granted an interview on CNN mentioned that, the state of the Ghana’s economy demands that, women sleep with wealthy men for money.

Yet again, in other interview Moesha revealed that, in order to approach her as a man, you should at least own a corolla.

Recenly, it was uncovered that Moesha Boduong has undergone surgery to enlarge her hip size.


3. Princess Shyngle: This Gambian born actress and model residing in Ghana has enjoyed all the media hypes but unfortunately she can’t be a role model whatsoever. The beautiful on countless occasions has condoned to all forms nudity and explicit photos.

Just recently, she openly revealed on ‘The Delay Show’ that “No Ghanaian man has been able to satisfied her in bed”, this including Michael Essien. Should Princess Shyngle ever become a role model then the country is doomed as she would campaign on ‘S.e.x on first date’.

4. Efia Odo: Andrea Owusu is her birth name but popularly called Efia Odo is an actress and TV host but cannot become a role model.

Just entering into the showbiz, Efia chose the path of Moesha Boduong and Princess Shyngle of showing some sensitive flesh in to rise quickly.

5. Rosemond Brown: Should Rosemond Brown a role model in Ghana someday then something went wrong. The 29-year-old actress has revealed of sleep**g with twenty-nine (29) different men as a way of returning favors.

She is always lying on other celebrities for fame purposes.

6: Stephanie Benson: She is an international singer and a mother of five (5) children but not worthy to become a good role model.

From the horses own mouth, Stephanie Benson revealed in a recent interview that she a bad lifestyle and the younger ones should aim to be like her. Describing herself as crazy, she said: “Nobody can live my kind of life because I am crazy”.

Source: www.Ghface.com