5 Popular Leadership Quotes By Pastor Mensa Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil


Mensa Otabil, affectionately called Pastor Otabil is a Ghanaian born international televangelist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and an excellent teacher of the gospel.

The renowned preacher is positively changing and transforming his generation with his good works in areas like education, business, and social works.

As the leader, founder, and general overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil has also changed lives, business, and personalities with thought-provoking quotes.

Today, let’s just take a look these 5 leaderships quotes coined by the renowned and sought-after man of God, Pastor Mensa Otabil;

1. Leadership is not about positions and having people bow to you. It’s not about having titles conferred on you! Leadership is about service! It is about helping people fulfill their God-given purpose.


2. Go out there and be the best that God created you to be. Be exceptional. Be excellent. Be a leader. Rise up to the occasion and make a difference.

3. I was born to make a difference. I am on this earth to break old patterns and to set new paths. I think generational because I know I have a special calling upon my life. As a wise master builder, I build the right and formidable foundations for the future. I am a Generational Leader.

4. This is my season. Whatever I put my hands to do, it shall prosper. I have favor before God and men. I am a bundle of blessings. Through me, generations shall be blessed because as for me and my house we shall serve the Living God.

5. Life is not a gamble and it isn’t a luck of the draw. Life is clearly defined by the things you do and don’t do, and the consequences that go with them. You can choose to be successful or a failure in life. The choice is yours.


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