10 Proposal Ideas On How To Propose Marriage To Your Fiancee / Girlfriend


Proposing marriage to your long time fiancé or girlfriend must uniquely be done and must be a memorable one of course.

Before thinking of proposing to your partner, ensure that you are ready to settle down and well prepared for the task ahead since marriage is mostly considered as a journey.

Marriage being a recognized union of two people from different backgrounds, races, and cultures who have agreed to come together as a couple that’s husband and wife must be planned by the proposing party.

Guys, if you think you are ready to propose marriage to your fiancee and you want a big YES as the answer from her then follow the below tips;

1. Take her to a scenery place where you can have some privacy from people and noise. Observe some deep silent moments before letting her know you are ready to take a relationship to another level. Gently ask her if she wants to be officially known as Mrs…..

2. Create a short poetic story summarizing how you met her, the highs and lows, the good memories. Then tell her to turn to face the other direction, take off the ring.
And say I want to ride in the country with you and make babies together. Do you accept my ticket?

3. Guys! if she’s an introvert, don’t go all out but make the proposal simple and romantic. Put the ring in your pocket and ask her to help you take something from your pocket!! Walaaaa… go down on your knees and ask her…..

4. If she is an extrovert or drama queen, you can go all out for expedition having all the funfairs, showering her with gifts hilariously say to her, will be my playmate hereinafter?


5. Guys, if you love her so much, just arrange a small dinner, buy simple but classic cake, put the ring inside, cut the side the ring is, and then put inside her mouth then boom. As soon as she finds the ring, there you do you are proposing.

6. You can as well try this out! Take a bath with her, make love with her in the bathroom and ask her to marry you. If she says YES, go ahead and marry her.

7. Take a walk with her at the beach holding hands, look straight into her eyes, and tell her she deserved to be your wife and for that reason, you want to spend the rest of your life with her as her husband.

8. Get ready, take her out on a date(preferably dinner), tell the waiter or waitress to put the ring in her plate to be served her without her notice.
With the question designed boldly beside the ring.

9. Guys, you can go like “oh bae”, we’ve been seeing each other for a number of years now and it’s time to ask you, will you marry me?

10. You can verbally ask if she is ready for marriage because you are ready. If yes, you both inform your families in preparation for knocking then you take it from there.

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