Yaa Pono is my godfather – Blackboi eulogies


Rebel Africa – Richrastas signed act, Tha Blackboi has shown gratitude to the uptown energy boss, Yaa Pono and labelled him as the realest artistes he has ever met in Ghana.

Speaking about the impact Yaa Pono has had on his musical journey in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central, Tha Blackboi said

“Ponobiom is not my master or my senior man, he is my godfather. The level that we have attained after 8 years of knowing each other is tremendous.

” Ponobiom came into my life when nobody was ready to hold me down musically. So I always accord him with that respect and honour on any platform that I get.

” Yaa Pono is the realest artistes that I have met in Ghana because whenever I release a new song he will not relent to share it on social media.

” He has on countless occasions spoken about me during his interviews not only in Ghana but also in the UK and the Netherlands and that’s a big honour.

” And even my new song with Kelvynboy that I just premiered today, he came over when I invited him for the video shoot.

” He left everything that he was engaged in to support me so as for me I am uptown energy for life”

Tha Blackboi is currently promoting a song he just released titled ‘New vibe’ featuring Afrobeat sensation Kelvynboy.


Amansan Krakye