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Why Shatta Wale Angrily Called Stonebwoy “Sergeant Lee” Revealed

How time flies but it’s like just yesterday when Dancehall acts Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy were at the neck of each other.

Fans of both artistes claimed their artiste is better than the other and those were the good days for the Ghanaian music industry.

There were moments when Shatta Movement (SM) fans would intentionally storm Stonebwoy social media pages just to abused him unnecessarily.

In retaliation, BHIM fans would go on Shatta Wale’s social media pages to mock him over his poor English and Grammar regardless.

The fact is there never saw anything good coming from the other and we know those are just shared envies and jealousies exhibited by the fans.

While the beef got intense, Shatta Wale and his militants released a song titled “Taking Over”. Man, the song was an instant monster hit with no further argument.

However, part of the lyrics of the song that got attention was;

“Ei Sergeant Lee
Otashi otwa tea
Nɔɔ eba akɛɛ comfortable lead”

It was through this song that Stonebwoy was quickly nicknamed “Sergeant Lee” to date. Watch the official video of Shatta Wale’s “Taking Over” here one more time.

Back then was really something else…

Watch the video which has garnered over 12 million views on Youtube one more time here;




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