Wendy Shay reveals why she unfollowed Delay and everyone on her Instagram

Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay has come out to reveal why she unfollowed tv personality, Delay and everyone else on her Instagram handle.

According to the musician, she unfollowed Delay because she unfollowed her first.

She said in a video monitored by GHFace.com that she realized the lady unfollowed her a year ago and decided to return the favor by doing same.

Wendy Shay revealed that she did not unfollow the tv personality because she criticized her code of dressing, though she showed her outmost disappointment to why she did not call her privately to advise her but took to social media to disgrace her.

Wendy Shay however cleared the air that she unfollowed everyone on her Instagram page because she is working on a project and would want to start everything afresh.

Kerzia Anani
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