Wendy Shay finally denies drugs and depression rumours

Wendy Shay

RuffTown Records superstar, Wendy Shay has finally debunked rumors of being depressed as a result of hard drugs.

On Facebook, the Afrobeat singer addressed critics who kept relating her recent transformation to being on hard drugs.

According to the sensational singer, she’s not on drugs, and neither is she suffering depression of any form.

Wendy Shay wrote;

“Depression, it is not in my dictionary and no, I am not on drugs . . . I am not depressed. I am in the best place. Since I was born, I’m on time that I’m extremely happy.

I’m in the time that I have inner peace. I’m in the time I have everything I need as a woman, as an artist.

This is the time I have so much confidence in myself and nobody can take it away from me. This is the time that [you know] I’m being the highest version of myself.

You understand and so I love the state that I am in.”

Source: www.Ghface.com