We Made Nurses – Beautiful Female Teachers Speak


A group of concerned female Teachers has clapped back at the female Nurses who claimed their services are super important than that of Teachers.

A few days ago, Fnn24.com published an article in which some female nurses ignited a long-standing fight with female teachers.

In the article, the said female Nurses unequivocally claimed that their services as health workers are super important than that of Teachers.

They argued that while they are playing a frontline role in the fight against COVID-19, Teachers were asked to stay at home because schools have been closed down.

However, in a quick rebuttal, the concerned female teachers told Fnn24.com that Nurses should not forget that it was the Teachers who made them who they are today.

They replied;

“… The Teacher made them who they are today, thank you”.


Source: www.Fnn24.com