Waakye graduates from bible school

Ghanaian veteran actor, Prince Yawson popularly known as Waakye has graduated from bible school.

He graduated from My Life Theology University in Accra with a Bachelor’s degree.

The veteran actor granted an interview to the media on his graduation. He told the media he knows what will happen in his next stage of life since a lot of prophesies had come to him concerning his life as a theologian.

Of late, the actor had not been seen in the film industry and this is due to the fact that he had suffered a long term ailment.

According to him, he is fine and healed by God through faith.

“Once Upon a time I was sick but I am well. The Bible tells us not to say I am sick but say I am well, that is why God will touch you but if I say I am sick then you will go sick but I have been well, God has touched me, God is busy on me,” he said,

Kerzia Anani
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