Virginity is a burden – Counsellor Lutterodt

Rev. Lutterodt, the controversial marriage counselor has made a bold claim regarding females and their virginity.

Being a virgin until the point of saying I DO to a man you have an interest in is one of the most cherished virtues that Ghanaian women can attain.

Our Ghanaian culture places virgins on a priceless pedestal and their virginity is seen as a priceless thing, that if maintained, gains the respect of the elderly.

There are a lot of perceptions about virgins including, a common belief that virgins have a pure essence about them that makes their first sexual intercourse out of this world.

It is also believed that they make perfect wives who get the best husbands among others, but controversial sex therapist Counselor George Lutterodt begs to differ.

“Virgins are a burden!” he expressed on popular GHOne relationship show, ‘Tales From The Powder Room’ on Wednesday.

He said that virgins come to marriage with all manner misconceptions and expectation about sex which has been implanted into their brains by friend and family.

He further added that virgins tend to not keep their private parts in tip-top shape because they have not used for any sexual engagement over the years.

However he was quick to add that, there is nothing wrong with keeping one’s virginity till marriage, but they (virgins) should have their own reasons for their decision to remain celibate until marriage and stand by their decision with pride.