VAL’S DAY: Shortage Of Condoms Hit Some Parts Of Accra, Ghana

Today is February 14, 2018, and it is a special day for everyone particularly couples and lovers all over the world.

However, information reaching says some parts of Accra, Ghana is experiencing shortages of cond*ms in pharmacy shop.

Yes, according to the information, most pharmacies and shops that sell c*ndoms have run out of stock and which customers think is sabotage.


Most of the people are now being forced to go to other places including Tema, Lashibi and far away towns to be able to purchase a c*ndom, a situation considered to be worrisome.

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Others are also searching for online shops to place orders but they are quite septical of whether or not the orders can be delivered today.

This is the extent to which the shortage of condoms in parts of Accra has affected the residents and it’s just c.razy.

Shortage of condoms on this special day is no more a new thing in Ghana because each year people complain about it.