Touching my br@astz without my consent is r*pe as well – Nigerian man tells lady

Young Nigerian man, Joel Williams has disclosed how he was s3xually ass*ulted by his female friend in recent time.

Joel Williams recounted that his br@astz was touched by a lady without his consent, this offended him, and he returned the act. After also touching her bre*stz too, the lady gave him a hot slap, but rather than engage in a fight with her, he simply explained to her how she touching him was also an ass*ult.


See Joel Williams’ message beneath;

My $3xu*l As$ault Story! 18+

So A Girl, probably my age choosed today, Sunday a perfect day to be unfortunate the moment she walked up to me and play fully pinched my bre*stz.

“I have been hearing wierd stuffs about you!” She said. Giving me the tongue roasting look, I felt assaulted, I was speechless, wondering what wierd stuff she must have heard even though I didn’t care, I was more concerned that she had just squeezed my bre*stz.

“Are you not going to apologize already?” I asked. My n!pples were on fire and it was painful and hot.

“Apologize? For?” was her response, like she didn’t know what she had done, and then I touched her on her brea$tz back in front of everybody and got a slap from her, with other ladies and a few guys reprimanding me for touching her on her brea$tz.

Trust me! I got my words on my lips ready for them, and then I told her;

“You just squeezed day light out of my breaztz, I barely squeezed yours and this is your response, I was going to slap you the hell back…but then I don’t hit women, that doesn’t mean I won’t retaliate if this was to happen again” I said.

“Brea$tz? You get br@astz? Where the br*astz dey? Abi you be bobrisky?” She fired. Her friends laughing out loud behind while she was chest out on my face.

“Ohh yes! I have breast…I do have breast n it’s on my chest…just as you regard yours as private, so do I? I hold my breast and other private parts in high esteem girl, touching them without my consent is attempted or rape or $3xual harrassment, you are harrassing me in broad daylight!” I responded.

I took a step forward, I wasn’t prepared for a fight, but I was so prepared for an argument, I was good with words too but fighting? Ever since I got beaten the last time, I decided not to raise my fist if I wasn’t ready for it.

“This boy no get sense, are you a woman? Are now a homo? See this one o? Which brea$tz you dey talk off?” she rattled trying to touch my chest again.

“O boy! You dey talk nonsense o! No dey embarrass me here o!” A boy, probably older or even younger than me in age, his beards gave him a matured look, but that didn’t stop him from been silly.

“Embarrass you – you say? I was the one assaulted here, I should be embarrassed not you” I said. Standing where I was. He couldn’t maintain his peace from the bench he sat, he had to get and walk up to me.

Na me you dey talk to? I no be your mate o! No look as I siddon here…why you go touch her for breast dey claim right…so tey e enter the level wey man dey get breast…you be homo? I dey ask you? You be homo? Everytime you dey do like woman!” He said

Laughing at me while the rest of them cheered and supported him.

“You are forgetting the fact that she just touched my bre*stz without apologizing, and please take a sit back your bad breath is beginning to get to me!” I said. Maintaining my stand with hands akimbo.

“You should even be the one apologizing, you are here claiming you have br*astz” another girl buzzed behind,I didn’t see her.

“Did you guys go through school? So only a swollen part of your body is breast? The one men have on their chest is what?? I get s3x*ally aroused when my brea$tz is touched, squeezed or suckzd on, it’s a private part of my body and that’s why I wear clothes n singlets to cover them.
I can show it off if I want and can still hide it…just as much as you won’t want somebody to touch you on your breast or any part of your private parts, so do I”

“So are you $3xually aroused?” The girl came for me again.

“It doesn’t matter…that’s not your business, I just want to school you on the things you are doing wrong ..just as your sisters and sell out boyfriend is on my neck for touching you …I would have responded in the same way if a guy had touched you.

When will you guys ever talk about sexual harrassment against guys? The thing you consider small and unimportant matters to someone else because we are all different, people can’t be thesame madam…I am a strong feminist…but damn you have no right over my body aswell..nature didn’t give you that right.
Stop trying to justify the fact that you just assaulted me…I jokingly touched your breast because I wanted to make you see things differently and I am sorry.

I no longer care about your apology Madam, but the next time this happens I won’t take it from you or any other person, in regards to if I am gay or not…I don’t think I am obligated to answer that question because it’s useless and it’s non of your business, Gay or not doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of my gender.

I have not asked you if you are straight or gay because what you do in your closets is non of my business, when you get home drink cold water…” I said and walked out, I didn’t believe I will say that much.

“Look at how he is walking like a woman…tufiakwa!” Was what I heard behind me while I walked away…consequently blocking my ears with my ear piece and listening to Miley Cyrus song,Adore you.