The Problem With People Who Think That Medikal’s Money Is Fraud

Medikal asked Strongman a very important question in his ‘Last Burial’ song but didn’t get an answer, even after joining forces with Manifest on another song. The question of how Medikal makes money is an important one.

We generally think that Medikal is into an illegitimate business. This raises a problem in our thinking: we simply assume that an extravagant lifestyle is the product of an illegitimate business. Strongman, when asked by Medikal to provide evidence for this shared assumption, didn’t say a word, even after releasing three songs.

Medikal asked Strongman in his Last Burial song, ‘If you see fraud money before show me how it looks like?’ There was no response from Strongman on that. It’s just a shared assumption which many of us have no evidence for.

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa