Support For Support – Mixtic Romras Writes

Show business shortened Showbiz is a very expensive venture which blends creativity with investments.

The main purpose of show business is to use One’s creativity to create an avenue for making some cool cash, in a very legal and positive manner.

But the big question is,  Should it always be an investment of cash or should have a little bit of a barter exchange?  An exchange I term support for support.


With over 15 years of practicing showbiz in various forms, from selling of music CDs to Radio presenting, TV presenting, publicity, Media marketing and now Artiste Management, there are lots of people l have met as an individual who plays vital roles in some of the activities I do to ensure results are achieved.

These group of individuals in the show Business, with more emphasis on Music, includes but not only




Publicists / Marketers

Graphic Designers / Photographers

creative visual directors


Actors / Models

Record labels

Artiste Managers

Event Organizers


With all these people working and competing for resources to assist their operations, let us consider if one is supposed to hire the services of all the above-mentioned professionals before releasing one single, how can he/she cope? In a case where the individual has little or no money at all.

My thought

This game is a numbers game,  therefore it would be very critical any creative person, artist or an Artiste with vision can identify few people in the various areas with a common interest to form a strong team. The team must be transparent and selfless in a way that there would be accountability and fairness in the distribution of any potential revenues generated from the team’s efforts.

If forming a team would be too much to bear,  connect with some few who would believe in you and have some exchange, for example an artist can have a good connection with a graphic designer whereby the artiste would recommend the graphic designer to many other artiste colleagues all the time in exchange for cover arts without paying.

If this arrangement is agreed it will save the artiste some cost in paying for artwork which can be channeled into promotion.

Any professional who notices your effort of consistently supporting their works would also make some effort to support yours unless maybe they don’t have any intentions to form a union,  then you can move on until you get someone who believes in your work and willing to have that exchange.

The exchange is not robbery, it is a way to reduce some cost in an industry that requires many professionals to get you results.

Support people who support you,  that is the way to go

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