SHOCKING! Mothers’ of couple-to-be fight over common food

A young Nigerian lady has shared a sad story of how her mother and her yet-to-be mother-in-law fought over food.

According to the lady, she and her boyfriend have been dating for five years and are planning to settle than later this end or probably early 2020.

However, the challenge the yet-to-be couple is facing is from the corridors of their respective mothers who fight over food whenever the come for a visit since the unmarried partners are cohabiting.

Read the unedited story below and leave a piece of advice for them in the comment box;

“Dear Counsellor,


I have been in love with this lady for 5 years and we have planned marriage late this year or early next year.
The problem is our mothers. The first day they met, they fought. We are cohabiting so both mothers came to visit. It was over a flimsy reason about food. Her mother complained my mother eats too much of everything and she heard.
And my mother is the type who speaks her mind so she dragged the issue and they almost fought.
Since then, my fiancee and I have tried anything and everything possible but both mothers are estranged and whenever we visit, her mother doesn’t even want to see my face.
We love each other and I can’t disappoint her. Help us to get wise counsel.”


Source: www.Ghface.com