Shatta Wale’s Fmr Boss Is HIV Negative – Notorious FatPu$$y Apologizes Showing Her Face

Snapchat user Fatpu$$y has retracted all her wild falsehood peddled against Shatta Wale’s former boss AIK Livingstone Abani.

According to the notorious blogger who goes with the name Fatpu$$y on Snapchat, she lied about the HIV status of AIK Livingstone Abani.

Using the same platform she used the tarnished the name and brand of Mr. Abani, Fatpu$$y shared HIV test results of Mr. Abani and stated that the man is not infected with HIV per the test and pleaded with people to stop stigmatizing the man’s children.

Notorious Snapchat User Fatpu$$y who some time ago made some wild allegations against Shatta Wale’s former boss AIK Livingstone Abani has back her words.


She has retracted her allegations against the man who nearly lost his family a few weeks ago; Mr. Aik Livingstone Abani saying he is HIV positive.

The mischievous blogger who has been revealing dirty secrets and accusing our celebrities has since apologized for causing great harm and asked social media users to stop stigmatizing Mr. Abani’s family with the HIV issue.

The same person who brought Shatta Wale’s former boss, Mr. Abani down with her social media rants begged people to stop hating on the “poor children” of the man”

Sharing the HIV test results of Mr. Aik Livinstone Abani, FatPu$$y wrote:

He is HIV free Please. Please Stop The Stigma on his Poor Children

Fatpu$$y has finally revealed her beautiful and she is not that bad at all.


Source: www.Ghface.com