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REVEALED: How Much Has Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’ Made On Youtube?

Some few days ago, several blogs published that Shatta Wale’s music video had earned Ghc35.00 on content discovery website, It was shocking to most people as they felt a musician of his caliber should perhaps earn more.–Well, perhaps in the future, if the site becomes very popular, he would make more than that there.

We’ve got people asking how much the video made then since it was also posted on Youtube and it has garnered some 1.8 million views in the last three months. Artistes do not publish the revenue they get from other digital platforms, so it’s hard to know what they earn there but with a site like Youtube, its easy to calculate how much a particular music video has made, although the figure may not the exact, it could be close.

So How Much Has Gringo Made On Youtube So Far?
Youtube is owned by Google and it allows content creators like bloggers, celebrities to monetize what they post on the website, then on the 21st of each month, you are paid based on your traffic or let’s say performance. How much a particular video makes depends on factors such as, number of views, where the viewers are coming from and even the rate at which they patronise the ads they see when watching the video.

Now it’s a known fact that, if your video gets more views from Tier 1 countries like the USA, Canada, UK, you will make more money than someone who’s getting his views from Tier 3 (developing countries) like Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, etc.

Why Is It So?
This is because Tier 1 countries are advanced countries, there are more companies, literacy rate is high, better economy so people buy more ads from Google in these countries and they always have bigger budgets when buying ads, because of that, there’s competition, so if you have a low budget, your ads won’t perform but in the case of developing countries, most companies don’t patronise online ads, so the few that do, get cheap ads, so in the end, publishers will earn low.

I don’t want to confuse you. Think of a footballer playing here in our local league, he earns low but someone playing in a foreign club in a developed country or a place were football makes money, will earn more.


Let’s Move on now….

So for online monetization, there’s something we call RPM ( Revenue Per 1000 Views/Revenue Per Mile) or CPM (Cost Per Mile/Cost Per Mile) and it’s always very low for developing countries. So what it means is that, if you are running a website or say own a Youtube channel, every 1,000 views you gain, there’s an amount you get and it’s never constant. It changes based on the factors I mentioned above.

So because I am a blogger and have Youtube Channels and monetise my content as well, I have seen what RPM/CPM ( they all mean the same thing) people get for views from Ghana and other developing countries.

So in the case of Ghana, for instance, the value is usually between $0.30-$2 but in most instances it’s always below $1, when it rises, then it means you are getting a mix of views/traffic from other countries. From experience majority of people get $0.58, $0.60, $0.70—Like I said it’s never constant as it changes every day, depending on several factors.

So to know how much Gringo has made on Youtube, I am going to stick to an average value. I will use $0.55 as the RPM for Shatta Wale’s Gringo music videos—Which means, for every 1,000 views, he earns $0.55.

At the time of this post, Gringo had 1,842,181 views.

So multiplied by 0.55 then divided by 1,000 =$1,013,199

So if he gets that RPM, it means GRINGO would make that amount.

Now, we don’t know which percentage of his views forms views from Ghana. Definitely, he will get some views from South Africa, Nigeria, USA, UK, ( prolly Ghanaians in the Diaspora), Guatemala, Jamaica but because he’s a Ghanaian artiste, majority of that 1.8M figure will be views from Ghana.

Now if you open the detailed statistics, you would be able to see the individual RPM for every country. Views from USA are always high and can be high like $4-$10, South Africa could be $4, Nigeria $0.80 and so on and so forth.

So if he gets lucky and gets $1 as RPM because of the mix of other countries, let’s calculate that below:

1,842,181 x 1 ÷ 1000 = $1,842.181

What if he gets $0.80 as RPM?
1,842,181 x 0.80 ÷ 1000 =$1,473

I believe you get the drift now. Which is why its important for musicians to do more video content and amass more views especially in millions to make something pretty decent or try as much as possible to break barriers into other countries that have high RPMs. ( You Can Google more on Adsense RPMs if you want to get more details)

So, Chris, How Much Has Gringo Made On Youtube?
So well, like I have explained above with enough details, one can say Shatta Wale’s Gringo music video has made between $1,500-$2,000 so far and that’s about Ghc7,200-Ghc10,000 using the current exchange rate of $1=Ghc4.8.

If Gringo crosses $2,000 on Youtube, then it could be mainly because there were enough views from Tier 1 countries than that from Tier 3 countries, and that is close to impossible considering the fact that, he’s not an American artiste. And it’s the same case for our Nigerian artistes, only some of them have a huge audience appeal from other African countries like South Africa, so their revenue could be much better than ours.

South African artistes would make more than an artiste in Ghana and Nigerian because the country is more advance and so RPM rates there can even get as high as $4. So assuming, Shatta Wale gets 80% of his total views from South Africa, he would have made some $7,368,724 by now.

I’m glad, I have been able to give you a fair idea of how artistes like Shatta Wale and others make with their Youtube videos. Reason why we all need millions of views. So if you want to see them making $20,000 from each video, pray they hit 20M views or that more companies will buy enough ads from Google for Ghana.

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