Respect the bloggers – Pizarea

Ghana’s fastest growing food brand, Pizarea has sent a word of advice to Ghanaians who criticize and show no respect to bloggers.

In an event held by the delivery brand at Ring road papa’s pizza branch, a discussion was held on why the blogger is deemed important and should not be disrespected for finding passion in what he or she loves.

According to the delivery brand, the blogger has a lot more to offer than we expect. Most trends that put celebrities to the highest peak are works of bloggers and this is why they need to be accorded an iota of respect.

Pizzarea therefore organized an event called” Dine with the bloggers” to show their appreciation to bloggers for the tireless effort they put out each and every day to create news and trends that change the lives of people.

The food app is simply the best and can be located on all social media handles at www.pizarea.com. Order now for fast delivery.

Kerzia Anani
the authorKerzia Anani
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