PHOTOS: Wife Tricks Husband’s Side-Chick And Wickedly Assaults Her Afterwards

A story making rounds on social media reveals how a married wife has tricked a side chick of her husband through a simple text message as observed Ghface.com

According to the story posted on Facebook, the wife used her husband’s phone which he forgot at home to SMS the alleged gyal friend to come to the house since his wife wasn’t home.

Since the message came from the man’s phone, the side chick didn’t have a second thought but quickly find the way to the house where she was assaulted mercilessly by the wife.


Kindly follow the unedited narrating as shared on Facebook below;

“A married man forgot his phone at home and unfortunately the wife took it and sent a message to his side chick saying come to my place.. my stupid wife is not around… come let’s make love… and the side chick stupidly went.. now see what happened to her. What on earth will you be doing in another woman’s house? Ladies stay away from trouble ooo… some of these wives won’t leave their men but they will break your face and destiny all. Very soon this is how some of you will chop beatings
Josephine Yartel thanks for this 👍🏿”

See photos too below;


Source: www.Ghface.com