PHOTOS: Female Nurses Tops As The Most Beautiful Ladies In Ghana – Top Survey

It appears that the Nursing profession in Ghana has been flooded with only beautiful, bold and intelligent young ladies.

A quick survey conducted by has proven that most beautiful girls and women prefer the nursing profession.

A visit by news team to some selected hospitals across that country shows that female nurses are very and naturally beautiful and hardworking.

A full report of the survey will officially be released in due time but in the meantime, below are comments by some Ghanaian men concerning these female nurses when the hit the street in Accra.


They retorted;

“Nurses are naturally good, beautiful and intelligent. They have all the needed qualities a man needs in a potential wife. They have been trained to care for lives which is very remarkable and we will choose them over the others”.

Exclusively, some of these men who prefer to settle down with nurses took their individual turns to explain in detail why they love nurses.

First Man: “Oh, our nurses in the hospitals are very beautiful and I have been wondering why only beautiful girls are selected to be trainned as nurses.”.

Second Man: “Anytime I visit the hospital for check up, all my attention is on these nurses. They simply beautiful and hardly concentrate on why I’m there.”

Third Man: “If I’m to be sincere with you, I say the nursing profession has more beautiful women that any other profession. I see all beautiful ladies working as nurses in the hospitals and it feels good.”


Another Man: “Imagine going for treatment in the health facility, you must be treated by a beautiful nurses. I always hold the view that Ghanaian nurses are most beautiful than teachers, doctors and even the civil servants. ”.

See some photos below;

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