Pay our allowance so we can go back to school – Final year Health trainee to gov’t


In a letter copied to, a concerning final year Health trainee has asked to pay their allowances to enable them to return to school.

In the letter, Alika Gabriel has mentioned that Government is owing every final year health trainee six (6) months allowance from December 2019 to May 2020.

Read his full letter below;

“I humbly write on behalf of my colleagues final year nursing, midwifery and allied health students and all final year beneficiaries of the Nursing training allowance calling on the government to pay us the six months arrears of our trainee allowance which start from December 2019 – May 2020 of which we were told have delayed due to COVID-19.


I wish to first of all thank government on the restoration of the nursing training allowance and to also applaud government on the early closure of tertiary institutions and the subsequent measures taken so far in controlling the spread of the virus, especially among health training students.

In consonance with government’s decision to reopen schools for all final year, tertiary students, on 15th June 2020, we the final year students of the various nursing, midwifery and other health training schools across the country wish to register to the government, the economic hardship our parents and guardians are currently going through in this abnormal times when their major source of income or finances for taking care of our educational needs have been disrupted by COVID-19, we are humbly, therefore, calling on the government to come to our aid by immediately putting measures in place to pay us the full six months arrears instead of the usual trend of two or three months accumulated mode of payments.

We are asking for this Six months full payment to enable us to pay our school fees in full since most of us could not pay our fees in full before the COVID-19 break.

Without the full payment of these fees, the school authorities would not permit students who owe the school to take handouts and write their final exit exam let alone support us finish our project works, which sometimes requires traveling outside the region of your school coupled with other expenses.

It is with these and many other reasons I am calling on the government with humility but not compulsion to come to aid.

It is my trust that the government would give this call urgent attention, heed our pleas and pay us the six months arrears of our allowance before the 15th June 2020 to enable us to go back to school and complete with joy.”

By: Alika Gabriel
Concern final year PA trainee



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