“Only Immature men don’t see my beauty” – Wiyaala jabs

Ghanaian international Afro-pop singer, Wiyaala has bluntly rejected claims that she is not beautiful but rather an ugly woman.

According to her, she sees herself as one of the most beautiful women on earth and not as ugly as people often describe her. Wiyaala is known to have a physique which is similar to that of a man. This masculine look has often led many to refer to her as ‘ugly’.

But in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, Wiyaala fearlessly indicated that she was very much pleased with her looks.


“Me, I know I am not ugly. In fact, I’m one of the most beautiful women on this planet and God has blessed me with a beautiful body,” she said.

According to Wiyaala, it is only immature men who will tag her as ugly because the mature ones like her husband see and appreciate her beauty.

“The moment my husband saw me, he saw a beautiful woman, unlike some men who will see her and complain about her masculine look.”

“When I was growing up, a lot of the men that saw me and saw a beautiful woman was more like the real men. All these chewing gum boys and small small men because you are not wearing heavy makeup and it’s not the usual they see, they just look at you. They are just not mature,” Wiyaala stated.


Source: www.Ghface.com