My friends demand sex before giving me food – Blind orphan weeps


A blind orphan has revealed how her colleagues demanded sex from her before giving her food at this lockdown.

A report filed by revealed the painful treatment being met on her by her friends.

Ama Serwaa as she is known is an orphan who lives with her 70-year-old grandmother who sells sachet water in Accra. She sees herself as a burden.

Serwaa said because of her condition, she can’t even go out to collect some of the free food being shared by the government.

Ama Serwaa explained on the Morning Starr by saying: “because of social distancing and I cannot go with anybody since I can’t see properly, how can I go and do things for myself. I’m an orphan and its very hard for me, its not easy for me at all and I’m really suffering.”

The host of the show Francis Abban asked; Because of this challenge have you had people who have offered to help you? She replied, “no sir, as I said when you go to someone for the person to help you, that person wants to sleep with you before helping you.”

Reiterating the question for clarity he asked “wait let me be sure I heard you right. You are saying that when you go to people to help you in giving you food, in giving you things to survive, they demand sex from you?” She replied ‘yes please.’ As a pre-condition”, “yes please.”

When asked whether these were people who live in her neighborhood, she replied: “yes pls, some too are my friends when I was sighted.”

The host went on “I hope you are saying no to them. Ama responded “Yes I don’t. I always say I’ll not want my condition to be that people will help me because God has a purpose for everything. If God willing I’ll get it back, fine, so I don’t have to do anything like that.”

Ama touched on the fact that she wasn’t born blind.

According to her, she is a beautician who became blind after completing her course of training.

This is very evil.