My critics want me to complement my rap prowess with hit songs – Eno Barony



Despite the dope punchlines and lyrical eloquence of rap goddess, Eno Barony, some critics still assert that she lacks good hooks and catchy chorus in order to make hit songs.

Consequently, Eno Barony, who recently released her song titled ‘Force them to play nonsense’ has revealed that, she can’t please those who claim she doesn’t have hit songs to complement her rap prowess.

Responding to her critics in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central, Eno Barony was quizzed about her opinion on making hit songs.

She said “What I can tell those who say I don’t have hit songs is that as for humans we can never be perfect. You’ll be better somewhere and be lacking elsewhere.

“So once someone tells me something like that, I need to listen attentively, work harder and advise myself accordingly”.

Ghanaian Rapper, Medikal, insinuated in one of his tweets directed at Eno Barony recently that though people will mock him over the female rapper’s eloquence, the same people will be jamming with his hit songs.

This has made many critics come to the conclusion that what Medikal meant was that Eno Barony doesn’t have any hit songs to be recognized within the music industry.


Source: Amansan Krakye