Most Ghanaian Men Are Womanizers – Female Nurses Reveal

Some professional female Nurses in Ghana have accused their countrymen of being womanizers and promiscuous.

Their claims come on the back of the constant attacks from Ghanaian men that female Nurses are disrespectful and arrogant.

Clapping back at the men, these angry female Nurses in a conversation with revealed that most Ghanaian men are promiscuous and womanizers.

They noted;

“… Most men in Ghana are very promiscuous, womanizers. They chase anything in skirt yet they come back and say Nurses are disrespectful”.

They even added that some of the men are very stingy and do not give to their girlfriends no matter the occasion.

“Sadly, these same men are very stingy. they do not give to their girlfriends but expect the girls to treat them well.”


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