Most Ghanaian Men Are Too Stingy – Queen Farcadi

The President of Ghana Slay Queens Association, Queen Farcadi has disclosed that Ghanaian men are naturally born stingy.

Speaking in a recent interview on Kantanka TV, she exposed the stingy nature of Ghanaian men in terms of not spending on women.

According to Queen Farcadi, men from Ghana lack the qualities to make their own women feel good by taking care of them.

Sharing her past experience, she stated that none of the numerous Ghanaian men she dated was able to take proper care of her.

“They are stingy, they need to loosen up a bit. That’s why we don’t give the “tin” to them. They have girlfriends and they don’t even give them money to fix their hair. Why won’t they come to me for lectures on prostitution?”

Facardi however showered praises on Nigerian Men indicating that they knew how to spend on women and further added that she was currently dating a Nigerian guy who was the love of her life.