Most Female Nurses Are Disrespectful And Arrogant – Ghanaian Men

Ghana female nurses

Could this be a battle of the titans? Well, a group of young men has reached to in reply to an earlier published article; Ghanaian Men Don’t Come Forward – Female Nurses Confess to get even with the nurses.


These young guys were actually hurt when the nurses came out publicly to say that “Ghanaian men are afraid to propose marriage to them.

According to the young men, most Ghanaian nurses after graduating from school become very arrogant, disrespectful and materialistic.


They added that some nurses in the country are still not married because of their bad manners and not because men are afraid to approach them.

They stated clearly that, men are most fond of calm and respectful ladies for marriage, not arrogant ones.

On social media, some guys actually went very hard on the nurses.

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