MAAME GRACE; First African to Document The Anunnaki

In a groundbreaking docutorial, Maame Grace, a Ghanaian spiritual visionary and divinity coach, has documented the pantheon of gods under the Annunaki, an ancient civilization that is said to have created and ruled over humanity.

The docutorial, which is available on YouTube for free viewing, is the first of its kind to offer an African perspective on the Anunnaki, a topic that has been largely ignored or distorted by mainstream religions and media.

Maame Grace, who is a renowned spiritual teacher and leader, challenges the conventional narratives of the Annunaki, which are based on the ancient Sumerian tablets that describe their arrival on Earth some 250,000 years ago. She does not deny the historical evidence of the Sumerian tablets, but rather presents a visionary account of the Annunakis’ celestial origin from outside the Earth’s star system and their benevolent intention to save mankind from a cataclysmic event.

Maame Grace’s docutorial is a bold and innovative attempt to shed light on the true history and purpose of the Annunaki, who are often portrayed as evil or manipulative beings by some conspiracy theorists and religious fanatics.

She also aims to inspire a spiritual renaissance in Africa, where most people follow Islam or Christianity, which she claims are corrupted versions of the original stories of the Anunnaki.

Maame Grace hopes that her docutorial will spark curiosity and interest among Africans and others who want to learn more about the Anunnaki and their role in human evolution and destiny.

She invites viewers to explore the docutorial with an open mind and a critical eye, and to form their own opinions and conclusions.

Link: https://youtu.be/GXIoM8gd60E?si=–M_gHN4H8AG0_WO