Lydia Forson jabs Ghanaians who criticize her for being single.

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has sent a heart piercing message to Ghanaians who criticize her for being single.

According to the actress, she would not allow anyone to pressurize her into marriage unlike other celebrities.

She wrote in the message that she is not cheap to accept just anyone who proposes to her because of desperation.

Lydia Forson further insulted all those who kept their eyes on her personal life awaiting to know who ‘ ate her pussy’  telling them they are barbarians and do not know what to do with their lives.

The statements read in the message include ;“So me refusing to give my number to a stranger who sent someone to get it has turned into a national debate; even by so-called reputable media houses. I swear you people are always offended by women who don’t cower to you. Is this even an issue or by force?”

“I’m really questioning how some of you were raised if you think it’s ok for someone to sit in their car and send a stranger to take your number? Same people will turn around and call a woman cheap for jumping into a strangers car. See eh, do you let me do me.”

“And they’ve turned this discussion into why I’m not married? So you really want to believe that in this my life I’ve not had proposals or men interested in me? The person discussing me loudly on radio sef is in my DM. Be honest you’re just mad I don’t want YOU.”

“But there’s a much bigger story here a majority of people, as usual, are missing. Little girls and even boys are being molested all over the place because you people encourage them to engage with strangers /adults out of respect.”

“Even as a teenager my parents were very stern about me never following strangers. (men especially) One man reported me to my dad because he called me across the road and I didn’t go; my dad asked why as the adult he didn’t cross the road but expected me to.”

“I swear these bloggers and media houses come for me and try to tarnish my image ONLY because they’re mad I fight back. They want me to kiss their ashy asses and I won’t. Unlike some, I don’t need your validation oh, I’m good over here.”

“Nkrasiefuor nkoaaa Try me, I have the time and energy. Every day you’re monitoring my pussy and who I give it to and what I do with it because you’re mad I won’t give it to you. You people always make it seem like it’s wrong for a woman to have self-respect.”


Kerzia Anani
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