List Of Over 50 Unsung Female Artistes In Ghana And Some Of Their Challenges

Although there have been female artistes who have risen to heights comparable to their male colleagues like: Ebony(Late), Kaakie, Abrewa Nana, MzBel, Raquel, MzVee, Efya, Becca and many others, the fact still remains that female artistes do not enjoy as much attention as the men and turn to fade within a shortest possible time.

Numbering the days from the early part of the year till date, Remedi Entertainment recounts a tall list of young female artistes releasing songs on a daily not making it into the mainstream market. This compilation comes at the backdrop of the continuous efforts show by this female emcees to by pass the often masculine tagged industry to make a living out of their hardwork.

There are over 50 hard-working up-and-coming Female artistes in Ghana but it’s difficult for them to shine because the media has not shown the light of redemption on them. Many are the unpleasant stories from female artistes -manager relationship) which enjoys dirty sexual stereotypes in many situations. The cunning media portrayals neither encourage the venture of making female artistes nor ensure the progression of the female acts in the same vain. Female artistes often end in the circles of sudden contracts abrupts due to the negative reportage and perversion from some artiste managers. Again, there are several school of thoughts which delineates female artistes after getting little attention from people (fans) become proud and begin to feel big in their own eyes neglecting media interviews which someway somehow served as the catalyst to their success.

Young female artistes refuse to learn or collaborate with star female artistes due unnecessary pride and competition.
Unlike the case of the masculine cohorts, although, it may not be rosy in their pastures but a respectable amount of collaborations has paved way for their fellow acts. Like the case of Stonebwoy signing Kelvyn Bwoy, ana as Sarkodie did to Strongman, same with D Black and Wisa, Tic to Big Guan, just to mention but a few.

These kind of stories are not found in the camps of star female artistes. Young female artistes don’t give chance to big female artistes to mentor them. There is the none existence of synergy among these female artistes. Just Imagine, Efya, Becca, Kaakie signing young artistes like Euni Melo, Queen Haizel, Fina, Aroma Rule, Tyra Meek to mentor or teach them but little or nothing exist in our music eco-system of current, so there is no interesting stories to grab the media‚Äôs attention which therefore contribute to the growth of the upcoming females artistes.

1. Queen Haizel

2. Ayma

3. Chikel Baibe

4. Akosua BlackGold

5. Kratia

6. Benakay

7. Vanessa Nice

8. Ama Slay

9. Sina

10. Litty Brew

11. Adepa

12. Aroma Rule

13. Euni Melo

14. Bubune

15. Sheeda

16. Naf Kassi

17. Mijay

18. Myra Stardom

20. Fina

21. Pacy Mordey

22. MzFreeze

23. Klarah Kay

24. Yhung Nicky

25. Tyra Meek

26. Aunty

27. Aimer Dina

28. Starquinn

29. Suzz Blaqq

30. Sekyerewaa

31. Ama Petal

32. Ajoa

33. Abna

34. Lyzzy bae

35. Enam

36. Renner

37. Tsoobi

38. Pinky

39. Lipssy J

40. Essilfie

41. Abbi Ima

42. Abby K Sokode

43. Tish

44. Gina Gee

45. Condon

46. Lotty

47. Lady Porsh

48. Mystique

49. Bella Monzy

50. Ewurama

51. Amazyn Gee

52. Shieshie Nitan

53. Queen Eyram

54. Linchpin

55. Vybez Adel

56. Mprez Ody

57. Mara B

58. Lady Sledge

59. Tiisha

60. Kafui Chordz

61. Gyakie

62. Awura Pinamang

63. Badgirl Nafisah

64. Esy

Research by Remedi Entertainment

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