Kwadwo Sheldon Creates A Petition Page To Shut Popular Ghanaian Website Down

Ghanacelebrities.com continues to grab the attention of many Ghanaians simply because of what they publish on their website. Many female celebrities are tagged ‘Ashawobrities’ without any serious justification of the term.

Lydia Forson and Efia Odo are the few that have suffered in their hands. Kwadwo Sheldon has therefore created a petition page to shut the website down.

In the petition, he writes: Ghanacelebrities.com is an entertainment platform that has coined a digital name for itself as the ‘Most useless website in Ghana.’ The platform continuously creates contents to degrade women. The platform has dented the reputation of people in order to generate traffic. On June 08 2019, the platform published an article about Efia Odo, a TV/Radio presenter and one of Ghana’s fast-rising actors and made certain derogatory remarks about her. Efia Odo is not the only person the platform has published articles to degrade,  they have done it to a lot of people in the country, especially female celebrities and the time has come for us to shut it down!!’

Click here to sign his petition

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa