Kumawood movies lack good content – Mr Beautiful


Ghanaian actor Clement Bonney, popularly known as Mr. Beautiful has indicated that he turned down several movie roles over poor content.

According to him, he hasn’t been active on the screens because the local movie industry isn’t doing well and there are a lot of unprofessional people in it.

“The situation at the moment is that the industry is bad when you have an industry where tomato sellers are becoming producers, that is what happens,” he stated.


In a recent interview, the comic actor who has been missing in action for more than a year refuted claims that he had stopped acting.

“I can never stop acting, if you really want to see me happy, put a camera on me, it is my passion and I can never stop doing it,” he said.

Mr. Beautiful described himself as a great actor who doesn’t settle for less.

“I have great talent and that is why I don’t settle for mediocrity, I receive a lot of scripts but I don’t honour them because sometimes the directors don’t appeal to me, there are other times too that they give you scenes to act without dialogue, I can’t act that way so I reject them,” Mr. Beautiful confidently said.



Source: www.Ghface.com