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“Konkonte With Groundnut Soup” Inspires Me To Sing “Hmmm Nyenye” – Article Wan Reveals

Producer and Singer Article Wan has revealed that anytime he eats “konkonte and groundnut soup” he gets energy to sing more.

In an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central monitored by the “Solo” hitmaker admitted he really likes food.

“My favourite food is konkonte and groundnut soup mixed with palm nut soup. Anytime I eat it and I’m in the studio all you will hear is hmmm nyenye hmmm nye”, he said.

In explanation to why he collaborated with Patapaa on his new “That Thing” single he said ;

“I released Solo in 2016 and people were enjoying song. Others too were complaining that there is no sense in it yet they were partying with it. My friend Patapaa also suffered same problem in 2017 when he dropped “One Corner”, one of the biggest song in Africa. People were saying that your no dey bee, that thing you dey do so I called Patapaa to come so that we give them ‘That Thing’ together “

Bright Homenya popularly known in showbiz circles as Article Wan also revealed that That Thing has been his fastest hit.Within three months the views on YouTube is over 900,000 getting to 1 million. He therefore promised his fans to release another after hitting 1 millions views with that thing.