“Know who you open up to” – Moesha turns counselor

Actress Moesha Buduong who was hit with several scandals in the previous year has taken it upon herself to warned others to be careful who they open up to.

According to well-endowed Instagram slay queen, she has learnt a lot in 2018 from the scandals she was saddened with based on her openness.

In an interview with Showbiz, Moesha explained that;


“In 2018, life taught me that it is not everyone you need to talk to. There are people who come into your life just to see how deep you fall and often they come disguised and when that happens, you believe that they have you at heart.

“You tell them everything only for them to betray you when you need them the most. I experienced that a lot in 2018 especially when my issues came.

“The people I thought were my friends betrayed me and said a lot of things which got me worried because I am human so yes I have learnt to be careful who I open up to,”.

When Showbiz asked her how it felt like when she was betrayed, Moesha said,

“I was down, it hurt. You think you have found a friend in someone and it turns out that the person was rather the enemy but you cannot do anything about it because, the person knows everything about you so you have to live with it.

“It makes it difficult to open up to another even when the person might be the right one,” she added.

Based on her own experience, Moesha Buduong advised her fans and followers to be extra careful of those they share their secrets with.

Moesha also admonished people to be genuine in their dealings with others saying “it is not easy to trust people so when someone trusts you with something, you have to respect it and not talk about it; that is a sign of maturity. I hope subsequent years will make us better people.”


Source: www.Ghface.com

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