KiDi Explains Why He Is Not Having A Fan Army Now


The issue of a Ghanaian artiste having a fan army has mostly courted divergent views as some people seem to point to the animosity it generates among the youth.

However, KiDi has sought to put up another argument claiming that having a strong fan army as an artiste proves your worth in the music industry.

Speaking to Amansan Krakye on Radio Central in Cape Coast, KiDi was asked what has prevented him from naming his fan army, he said;

“These things are not a days job. All the fan army groupings didn’t just happen within a short period of time.

“For all these great artistes that have Sark Nation, Shatta Movement and Bhim Nation etc comes from years of hard work and consistency in the music industry.

“It didn’t come from a year or two but being active enough and getting people to support your craft. It’s a just matter of time.

“You have to let time tell. I believe I have a lot of fans but with time and putting in great works I will surely assemble my fan army. As to whether I will name it ‘KiDiNation’ or whatever only time will tell”.

SarkNation which is the fan army of Sarkodie was recently adjudged the fan army of the year as 3 Music Awards looks set to formalize the existence of such groupings.


Source: Amansan Krakye