Just be yourself if you want to succeed – Sister Derby advises young ladies

Ghanaian artiste, Sister Derby has advised young girls who want to succeed to be themselves and not something else.

The controversial musician in an Interview with Naa Ashorkor revealed that she doesn’t listen to critics who jab her because she is living the most of her life being herself and advises young girls who want to succeed to do so.

Sister Derby also revealed that she is not controversial because of showbiz but is controversial because it is just the real her.

She continued that she would have acted the same way she does now assuming she was a banker or anything else so won’t change who she is because of critics from people.

The musical act finally inspired upcoming artiste, especially the young ladies not to change their personality because of critics from people but live the best of themselves to be an inspiration to all.

Kerzia Anani
the authorKerzia Anani
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