I’m guilty; I have not been there for my children – Abeiku Santana confesses

A-list radio and television personality Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, popularly known as Abeiku Santana has revealed that he’s guilty of not being around his kids most times.

In a live radio, Abeiku Santana indicated that his tight schedules and busy life has made it impossible for him to properly bond with family, especially the children.

The host of the late afternoon drive time show on Accra based Okay FM lamented that the nature of his work is major hindrance to what seemed like abandoning his kids.

He said;

‘’Because of events, because of certain things and I feel very guilty that I am not giving that needed attention to my family and I don’t think I am the only one. I am sure some Chief Executive Officers, Members of Parliament, Ministers and presidents among others also have the same problem, lack of quality time with the family.’’

Defending the indefensible, the ‘Atuu’ show host concluded that most people are so interested in amassing wealth and therefore become so busy that they hardly even find time for the very people because of whom they are amassing the wealth.

Backing his point, he said;

‘’People are so fixated at our jobs and other things that we hardly spend time with the family. What shall it profit us when we gain everything and lose our families, and lose our children’’.

Source: www.Ghface.com