I’m ever ready for Bulldog’s 50K challenge to battle the male rappers – Eno Barony



Rap Goddess, Eno Barony is getting a lot of attention in the Ghana music industry following her recent diss songs which have made a lot of people giving her thumps up including Sarkodie.

However, some people are in a dilemma, asking whether Sarkodie endorsing Eno Barony was real or just for hype. Bob Marley once said that people are hated for being real whilst others are loved for being fake.

Eno Barony in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central was asked if she thinks Sarkodie endorsing her was genuine,

She responded “Oh well, I can’t tell if Sarkodie endorsing me as a rap goddess was genuine or fake as some people are insinuating.

“But I don’t leave my life expecting someone to do something for me. It’s like to me I can never be ungrateful and say Sarkodie hasn’t done anything for me.

“Even me learning from him when I was coming up as a rapper is even enough for me so that’s all”.

When quizzed as to whether she’ll accept the 50K challenge being placed on her by Bulldog to battle any of the male rappers,

She said ” When the time comes I will be ever ready”.

Eno Barony some years ago expressed her disappointment for being overlooked by Sarkodie when he featured exceptional male rappers on his song titled ‘Trumpet’.


Amansan Krakye