I Won’t Lower Myself To Marry A ‘Born One’ Lady – KiDi


Ghanaian hiplife artiste, KiDi, born Dennis Nana Dwamena without mincing words said he could never lower himself to marry a ‘born one’ lady.

Speaking in a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central in Cape Coast, KiDi made such disclosure but however, he quickly reiterated that, he will only tie the knot with someone who has a child if the connection between them is healthy.

“All these things it’s not white and black. Sometimes you can meet someone that you have a good connection with, you spend time together and you feel that is the person you probably want to end up with”. He said.

According to the ‘Enjoyment’ hitmaker, sometimes people come up with other issues or with children but it all depends on time and the conversation both parties engage in. therefore is uncertain if he marries a born one.

The musician who already has a child was asked if he kept his child away from the public for the fear of being kidnapped in an exchange of a huge ransom, Kidi replied that Ghana is a safe country and the issue of kidnapping rarely happens.

“It’s just a matter of me feeling that I chose this life. I prefer to shield my child from all the media scrutiny that’s why I have kept him away from the public. I don’t want him to have to suffer the same way I have”. He averred.